Balanced feeding of cows is an important factor in ensuring animal health and reducing treatment costs. Quality milk production is not possible without proper diet and animal care. Therefore, balanced feeding is a prerequisite for efficient milk and meat production.

Cows require different nutrients that are part of different types of feed. Insufficient nutrient quality can reduce productivity and cause other health problems.

For balanced feeding of cows, it is important to take into account their needs depending on age, physiological state, milk production level and other factors. The best solution is to formulate a separate ration for the cow that provides different nutrients.

A balanced cow diet should contain the right amount of silage, mixed feed and cereals. Silage is a source of carbohydrates, compound feed contains more proteins and minerals, and grain contains more fats and proteins. The presence of these components in the diet must be balanced so that cows can receive all the necessary nutrients in the right amount.

It is also important to provide cows with constant access to water and salt. Water helps keep you hydrated and salt provides essential minerals.

The AgroPlusInvest company has all the necessary products in its arsenal for compiling effective programs:

  • through feed;
  • through the water.

On the Ukrainian market, we offer you excellent solutions that will help:

  • increase milk yield;
  • reduce feed conversion;
  • reduce the recurrence of diarrhea in calves;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve livestock health;
  • increase the quality of milk.

The products consist of 100% environmentally friendly raw materials suitable for the production of eco-products. In the production of products, components of European origin are used and include:

  • Brewing derivatives, hop extracts, beer yeast walls;
  • Organic acids (non-dissociated molecules on a special carrier);
  • Natural vitamin E from phytoextracts, with a high content of antioxidants;
  • Phytobiotics (oregano, cinnamon, cloves, etc.);
  • Multibiotics (stimulants of plant origin).
  • Bulk feed preservatives (homo- and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria + enzymes).

It is very important to use the highest quality products tested in the field: preservatives, milk replacer, licks, prestarters, concentrates, premixes and feed additives.



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