Livestock animal equipment

LAE Anlagenbau – plant technology and engineering based on decades of experience in planning and construction of housing systems for animal production.

We know poultry. With its extensive international experience, LAE Anlagenbau can assist you in all questions of planning and realizing efficient housing systems for broilers and layers. From special details to complete projects, we develop for you solutions for efficient production of poultry meat or eggs. The components of our systems fit together and are ideally suited for progressive poultry husbandry with optimal return on investment.

Distributor in Ukraine - AgroPlusInvest and LAE Anlagenbau supply the best equipment necessary for the successful realization of your projects:
  • Accessories for stable management
  • Air conditioning & heating
  • Alarm Systems
  • Aviary Systems For Rearing + Production
  • Drinking Systems + Dosing Technology
  • Feeding Systems – Feed Weighing
  • Heating systems
  • Laying Nest Systems for laying hens and breeders
  • Lighting systems
  • Sensors
  • Silosystems
  • Ventilation-, control systems


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