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AgroPlusInvest is an experienced partner of enterprises in the agricultural business

The purpose of creating the company was the desire to combine many years of experience in European concerns. Employees of the company, when working with partner clients, help to obtain maximum production and economic performance.


Offer several concepts of feeding & technical support for animals and poultry on the Ukrainian market:

Conventional (usual)

We enable for clients to vividly sense our special experience with technological "chips" and using of high-quality feed additives from Europe (amino acids, enzymes, mixtures of organic acids, phytobiotics, vitamin-mineral blends, etc.), premixes for all types of animals, prestarter feeds , disinfectants, milk replacer, liquid vitamins, protected fats, bio-preservatives.
The company chose the way of multi-brand products, knowing the specificity and effectiveness of each manufacturers, It's allow us to solve the client's assigned tasks. We have a solution for every problem!
Today partners can have a choice to order goods - imported or Ukrainian.
Imported goods - TM "OptiMix" made in Germany:
  • Premixes
  • Milk replacer for piglets and calves
  • Piglet and calf pre-starter feed
  • Concentrates
Ukrainian production – especially created product line TM "PowerMix", with core of European vitamin-mineral blends, special protein carriers for small pigs, calves and chickens. The PowerMix product portfolio consists of:
  • Premixes
  • Milk replacer for piglets and calves
  • Concentrates
The advantage of the products is the speed of production with quality's quarantee, independence from the exchange rate, flexibility of changing recipes based on the requirements of the client's raw material base.

Antibiotic Free (antibiotic’s minimization or completely cancelation)

AgroPlusInvest supplies European natural feed additives with phytocomplexes to the Ukrainian market to optimize programs for raising healthy livestock without antibiotics. Well-known world brands, selected according to the criteria of efficiency of application on animals and poultry, the highest level of science-intensive production and multifunctionality of products that have no analogues.

Organic acids and phytopreparations biogenous - effectively replace antibiotics, aren't harmful to the environment and animals, improve the health and productivity of your livestock. We can provide you with a sample program without antibiotics upon request.


Agricultural market of Ukraine

100% natural products without antibiotics
84% available assortment of food and supplements
27% share of the company's products on the Ukrainian agricultural market
58% unique products in the company's range

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