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Pig farming has become one of the most interesting but difficult areas of agricultural production. The difficult economic situation, as well as emerging ASF outbreaks, have made the industry more vulnerable. Feeding, veterinary medicine and technological aspects have received more demanding economic nuances, which dictate the dynamics of development and development of new effective products. Modern breeds of pigs, thanks to their improved genetics, are able to provide more than 30 business piglets per year from one sow. In 150-160 days they can grow up to 105-110 kg.

Full realization of the genetic potential of pigs is possible only if the composition of biologically active substances fully meets the requirements of genetics.

Properly selected feed program and special additives play an important role in the production of extra-class pork. It is pork that makes up the largest percentage of food processing and assimilation. Comparing the percentage of conversion of nutrient content of feed into food products among farm animals, you can get the following results:

  • pig: 20% meat and lard;
  • cow: 15% of dairy products;
  • poultry: 7% of eggs;
  • bulls and lambs: 4%.

To maximize profits, it is important to use the highest quality products and proven prestarters, concentrates, premixes and feed additives. AgroPlusInvest has in its arsenal almost all the necessary products to compile effective programs:

  • through food;
  • through the water.

It is important to remember that foods through water for problems with the gastrointestinal tract are more effective in solving the problem. In the Ukrainian market we offer you a comprehensive solution:

  • increase in increments;
  • reduction of conversion;
  • reduction of recurrences of diarrhea, edema;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • increasing the number of business piglets on the sow;
  • maximizing the yield of meat per 1 sow.

The products consist of 100% environmentally friendly raw materials, suitable for the production of organic products, through the use of components of European origin and include:

  • brewing derivatives, hop extracts;
  • organic acids (non-dissociated molecules on special carriers);
  • natural vit. E of botanical extracts, with an antioxidant content higher than in vit. E acetate;
  • phytobiotics (oregano, cinnamon, cloves, etc.);
  • multibiotics (stimulants of plant origin).

For a detailed study of the products, we suggest you go to the Products link or ask questions in the chat.


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