FF Chemicals - We are a family owned company, specialized in the production of organic acids and salts, which are applied in food products and in animal feedstuffs, in order to improve the quality of the endproduct. We have chemistry and nutritional skills to help food manufacturers craft the best supplement recipes for the perfect end product.


Bosche Systembau has been developing and implementing innovative and efficient systems at the highest level since 1972 in the university town of Vechta. Complete planning and construction of livestock plants, cereals, premixes and mineral feed plants, as well as silos for raw and roasted coffee and, if desired, also with roof and wall coverings.

Kreiling GmbH & Co. KG

We provide the highest quality products for animal feeding. We offer muesli feed for horses and calves, special feed for cattle, milk replacers and feed for piglets.


More than 180 employees are employed in three divisions of the company, where special products based on brewer's yeast are produced for a large number of the most demanding customers in more than 40 countries. A wide range of products based on brewer's yeast is our pride! We have been producing brewer's yeast products for six decades and have become a leading manufacturer in this segment.


Hypor  - Founded in 1960, the Hypor breeding program is focused on balanced breeding as the way to maximizing total system profitability. Maximizing the bottom line: not maximizing performance in a single trait or phase. Everything is connected: performance, cost and revenue have connections upstream and downstream. And we have more to offer! What we offer is based on our four strategic pillars: Innovation, Value Creation, Sustainability and Collaboration.


Based in Eltville Germany, Phytobiotics is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality performance products, serving the animal production, agriculture and biogas industry. We offer sustainable, science driven solutions and consulting services designed to increase the productivity of your business.


LAE - As an expert in poultry and using an extensive international experience, LAE Anlagenbau can assist you in all questions of planning and realizing efficient housing systems for broilers and layers. From special details to complete projects, we develop for you solutions for efficient production of poultry meat or eggs. The components of our systems fit together and are ideally suited for progressive poultry husbandry with optimal return on investment.

Lysoform Vetfarm

Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products are based on over 100 years of Lysoform experience. Have healthy animals and good ideas in your businesses!


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