Poultry breeding

Poultry farming is one of the important branches of agriculture and its efficient operation and active growth require quality and balanced nutrition for birds. Properly selected feeding program helps to achieve maximum productivity from the genetics of birds, as well as to stabilize health and accelerate growth. There is a lot of news in the world on the topic of reducing antibiotics and many developments of special products. One of the important and complex products we consider a vitamin-mineral premix, the use of which at the enterprise allows to provide the bird with the necessary micro-, macro-, elements and vitamins. Additionally, premixes may contain:
  • enzymes;
  • organic acids;
  • pro- and prebiotics;
  • phytopreparations;
  • other special components.

AgroPlusInvest offers premixes with such additives. But it is also possible to purchase special components separately.
To do this, we have developed products:

  • introduction through the feed
  • introduction through water

The choice of products depends on various reasons and problems at your enterprise. Today we are following the path of using phytopreparations and organic acids - solving problems with environmentally friendly and perfect for human health products.

We guarantee our partners that all products are thoroughly inspected and meet all existing quality standards.

With our mutually beneficial cooperation you will be able to achieve:
  • realization of genetic potential of crosses;
  • stabilization of increased productivity;
  • improving health and strengthening the immune system to reduce stress and immunosuppression;
  • high quality of finished products;
  • increasing the economic efficiency of production.


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