Poultry farming

Balanced feeding of poultry is an important factor in ensuring the health of the flock and maximising production potential. In order for poultry to gain live weight quickly, it is essential that they are fed the right nutrient ratio.
A balanced diet provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure the birds' health and efficient growth. Deficiencies in any nutrient can lead to stunted growth, poor health and poor performance.
A proper feeding program helps to maximize performance as well as stabilize health and accelerate growth.
In addition, balanced feeding can help reduce feed costs, as a properly formulated diet can provide the birds with the right amount of nutrients at a lower cost. This can be particularly important for producers who have a limited budget for feed and need to maximise the economic impact of their products.
The AgroPlusInvest company offers feed, premixes, organic acid complexes, multi-biotics, phytopreparations, monocomponents, vitamins, antibiotic and anti-coccidal products, mycotoxin inactivators of guaranteed high quality.
The choice of products depends on the different needs and problems in your company. Our current approach is to use phytopreparations and organic acids - solving problems with ecological and healthy products.
We guarantee our partners that all our products are thoroughly tested and meet all existing quality standards.
In our mutually beneficial cooperation you will be able to achieve:
  • Realization of the genetic potential of the crosses;
  • Stabilization of high performance;
  • Improved health and immunity to reduce stress and immunosuppression;
  • High quality finished products;
  • Higher economic efficiency of production.


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