Premixes and blends for balanced animal nutrition, production of Ukraine.

Today, premixes have become a necessity for balanced feeding of animals, because thanks to them high productivity rates are achieved. To obtain a balanced feed, you need to mix a certain amount of monocomponents of raw materials + the introduction of premixes. At the same time, the share of the premix in the feed is from 200 g to 10 kg per ton, but its effect on productivity is significantly higher than its share in the feed. The AgroPlusInvest company offers high-quality premixes of the PowerMix line (production: Ukraine) and the OptiMix line (production: Europe).

Main products

Premixes for farm animals and poultry are produced in several versions, which have significant differences in composition. Given the difference in components, manufacturers separate them:

  • Blends. They contain either vitamins or trace elements. Introduction to feed - 0.01-0.2%
  • Vitamin-microelement premixes. Introduction - from 0.2 to 1%
  • Mineral premixes. Contain vitamins + trace elements + minerals + amino acids. Introduction 1 to 3%

For farm fattening of animals, simple and complex mixes are produced. The simple ones contain minerals, vitamins, their complexes, while the complex ones contain special feed enzymes, probiotics, flavoring and aromatic additives.

Properly selected premix guarantees:

  • improvement of optimal puberty of animals and birds;
  • decrease in morbidity;
  • increasing the nutritional value of livestock products;
  • increase in growth;
  • implementation of genetic performance.

The company "AgroPlusInvest" guarantees its partners only high-quality products. The premixes supplied by the company are time-tested and have been producing excellent results in large livestock complexes for many years. Please contact our specialists for information.


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