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We are delighted to announce an update to our product range. We pay special attention to your needs and strive to offer the best solutions to increase productivity and optimise your farms.
Take a step forward in your agribusiness with our new products!

Mixture of essential oils, plant extracts, vitamin E, dextrose, and elektrolytes.

Main benefits
  • Optimal gut health;
  • Improved feed conversion;
  • Improved productivity and your profitability
Olus, The Netherlands
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Monolaurin in powder form -  innovative feed solution formulated to improve the well-being of farm animals.

Main benefits
  • Immune system
  • Fat-enveloped viruses
  • Vaccine programmes
Olus, The Netherlands
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With active ingredient lysolecithin (hydrolysed lecithin)

Main benefits
  • Fat digestibility
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Saves feed costs
  • Feed efficiency
Olus, The Netherlands
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Premix for sow feed from weaning to farrowing

An increase in the number of total borns.

An improvement of both the weight and homogeneity of the litter at birth.

A better vigor of piglets at birth.

Folico F by working from the previous weaning, is a guarantee of technical and economical perform


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Better carcass quality

The VALI MP specialty for a genuine carcass added value

VALI MP is a nutritional specialty that provides natural ingredients as well as specific metabolic precursors to optimize feed formulations during the fattening phase.                                                          


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Biological agent for litter and manure treatments

  • Reduction of harmful gas emissions (NH3, H2S) : 35%
  • Reduction of odours during storage and spreading : 60%
  • Increase in agronomic values of your natural fertilizer

STI biotechnologie, FRANCE

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Energy, more efficiently!
VALKALOR is a specific blend of essential oils and plant extracts developed by Idena.  

Several trials in research centers  have provided statistical evidence on zootechnical parameters; more milk, more fat and more growth in fattening animals.

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It is a combination of selected microencapsulated essential oils and an exclusive patent Idena core made from plant extracts.

VERTAN confirms its interest on the increase of milk production and the protein level in milk.

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Complementary feed for digestive balance
(for poultry, swine and ruminant)

  • Reduce of the risk of digestives disorders
  • Better digestive feed
  • Stimulate of the immune system
  • Better zootechnical performances
STI biotechnologie, FRANCE
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